Mining cryptocurrency nowadays is one of the most profitable spheres, allowing you do less and earn more. By mining the cryptocurrency that is gaining value rapidly, you can accumulate your capital several times within couple of months. However, sometimes based on the region you are located or other different factors, mining cryptocurrency can be not so cost-effective or relatively expensive. If you are facing this situation, or want to have reliable energy resources for a long time, you can be sure and rely on our services.

Having nearly 10 years of experience in this sphere, we are the sole brokerage firm to deal with in setting up a mining operation in Transnistria. We offer crypto-mining farms our plain-rate-based pricing system, which even includes visa waiver support to the location. You will not have to worry about registering a legal entity, rent or anything else of that nature.

Additionally, there are no set up fees, admission costs, one-time fees or anything like that – the only costs that you have are monthly electricity payments. The rates are based on how much energy you will need monthly. The fair pricing of our services puts us ahead of any other alternatives. You can get electricity for as low as $0.04/kWh depending on your needs.

If you are interested in working with us, please contact us by filling out the form on this page or using the live chat function on the bottom right. If we are not available at the moment, be sure to leave a message and one of our highly experienced sales team members will contact you as soon as possible.


LLC "MD-SB Energy" in cooperation with CSC "Moldavskaia GRES" and OJSC "Inter RAO UES" offers electricity for your mining facilities. With us, you can enjoy the services of one of the biggest suppliers of electricity in Eastern Europe and CIS block.

Company Registration No.: 0300044289
Address: 32-8 Drujba Strt, Bender City

Our services are certified and licensed by the Moldovan Government.