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We provide reliable and secure energy to cryptocurrency mining farms. We are located in Transnistria and certified to run business by Moldovan Government. Please, click here to view our certificate.

To provide top quality service, we cooperate with "Moldavskaia GRES", which is one of the biggest of its kind in Eastern Europe, and in CIS countries. The company is owned by a Russian OJSC "Inter RAO UES", which has long historical background and high qualification in this industry.

The CSC "Moldavskaia GRES", is well-known for responsibility over surrounding ecologic environment and social-cultural policy over employees and community. Technological aspects of the company includes 12 energetic blocks and set power of 2520 MWt.

Take a Big Next Step in the
Crypto-Mining Industry

Now you can use our services to sustain energy to your crypto mining farms - it is reliable, cost-effective, eco-friendly and importantly - hassle free!

Powerful Powerplant

"Moldavskaya" Power plant is considered as one of the top in Eastern Europe area, supplying 3 countries with reliable energy.

Continuous Process

Highly qualified specialists are the base labor force of "Moldavskaya" Power plant. This factor ensures continuous supply of energy.

Secure Facilities

The powerplant is located in a politically and environmentally safe area which ensures secure operation of all the facilities that are installed for the end-users.

Trusted Suppliers

"Moldavskaya GRES" power station plays an important role in delivering electricity to Ukraine and Moldova and thus, considered as a strategically important object.

Creating Positive Impact
By Following Eco-Friendly Operations

We apply new ecologically and environmentally friendly means of management on our plant. The international certificate of ISO 14001:2004 which has been acquired confirms our high level of social responsibility.

Acknowledging the share of our responsibility towards the conditions of regional environment, the company sets the following targets as a mission - improving the level of ecological safety of powerplant and all the electric technology, improvement of environmental conditions and regular growth of the company.

"Moldavskaia GRES", being a member of "Inter OSC", possesses with highly qualified team of engineers, whose knowledge and experience highly valued in the energy industry of Russia, CIS and European countries and believes in its power to make impact in the industry.

Have a Closer Look at Our
Brilliant Statistical Records

We present these statistics to you and leave drawing conclusions to your analytical skills


The "Moldavskaia" Power plant currently has 12 power plants which puts it on top of the energy supply industry.


The power plant has supplied a record result of more than 1220 MWt electric power for 2017.


3557 Million kWt x Hours of electric power has been supplied by the leading power plant.


131k GCal of heat power has been released for 2017 as a result of energy supply using coal, gas and

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LLC "MD-SB Energy" in cooperation with CSC "Moldavskaia GRES" and OJSC "Inter RAO UES" offers electricity for your mining facilities. With us, you can enjoy the services of one of the biggest suppliers of electricity in Eastern Europe and CIS block.

Company Registration No.: 0300044289
Address: 32-8 Drujba Strt, Bender City

Our services are certified and licensed by the Moldovan Government. 

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